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The leading PDF compression tool

PDFCompressor 6.5 is an industry leading PDF compression program that reduces PDF file sizes by as much as 100 times - not only saving server space but decreasing download and display times - ensuring your on demand document management system is just that - on demand.

PdfCompressor 6.5 is available now as a free upgrade to existing customers with a current support contract. Contact us for your download link

New features in PdfCompressor 6.5

  • Integration into SharePoint document workflows
  • Updated OCR engine for even more reliable text searches
  • Improved compression of both image documents and electronically generated PDF files
  • More efficient processing of electronic PDF components
  • Option to split multi-page input files during compression
  • Ability to export recognised OCR text to .docx and .epub formats
  • Support for the SFTP file transfer protocol in remote file processing
  • Ability to compress a list of files and/or folders to a single arbitrary filename
  • Support for CMYK decoding algorithms for color TIFF files
  • Improved Arabic text recognition support

SharePoint integration with PdfCompressor 6.5

PdfCompressor's advanced document capture functionality now integrates seamlessly into SharePoint.

SharePoint users can enjoy the convenience of optimal document efficiency. Documents can be dramatically reduced in file size while being fully-text searchable.

Improved GUI

PdfCompressor GUI

Industry Leading Compression

PDF compression with CVISION PdfCompressorA compressed document results in significant savings with size with dramatically smaller file sizes. By batch compressing your existing PDFs, you can gain back over 90% of your storage space. Your compressed PDF files will transmit in less than 1/10th the time over the Internet and use less than 1/10th the bandwidth. You can even use PdfCompressor's PDF OCR software feature to create fully text-searchable documents that you can archive and retrieve in a flash.

Try PdfCompressor 6.5 - download a fully functioning 30 day free trial of PdfCompressor by clicking here

100% Compatible PDF files

Documents compressed with PdfCompressor can be read easily with Adobe Acrobat Reader. With Web-optimisation, the first document page can be viewed by Acrobat Reader almost instantly - no matter how large your PDF document.

PDFCompressor also makes it easy for you to produce backwards compatible PDFs - all the way back to Acrobat 4.0 (PDF 1.3) as well as the new PDF/A standard - meaning you can now produce compressed PDFs that are guaranteed long term compatibility.

Enhanced integration for corporate users.

PdfCompressor 6.0 integrates seamlessly into Kofax Capture, EMC Captiva InputAccel, and Oracle and now with Sharepoint.

Make use of advanced attach processing capabilities for high volume scanning, with full control via watched folder mode, command-line interface, and optional API.

Fine tune your compression by adjusting batch and watched-folder settings on an individual basis.

Leasing packages also available - contact us for information.

Blue Chip Users

PDFCompressor is used and trusted by a growing number of Government departments & Blue Chip companies - NATO, US Army, Intel, Kodak, Standard Life, South Yorkshire Police and Deutsche Bank all recognise the performance and ROI PdfCompressor brings. We speak with experience: Lightspeed use multiple PdfCompressor installations in a time-sensitive bureau environment as an integral part of our PDF services and scanning operations.

Try PdfCompressor now - and download a FREE Evaluation Copy

Using the links below, you can download a fully working evaluation copy of PdfCompressor now. Or if you have some files to hand, submit them now to be compressed and optimised in real time!

CVISION free trial PTry PdfCompressor online now!

Existing users: Please contact us for your download link

More Information

Click on the buttons below to download a data sheet and our guide to the most suitable PdfCompressor licence for you.
For up to date licencing and pricing information, please contact us.

Download our PdfCompressor licencing guide

PdfCompressor Minimum Specifications

Minimum recommended specifications for running PdFCompressor 6.5
CPU: Pentium 4 (and higher)
RAM: 1GB (per Available Processor on multi processor licences)
Operating Systems: Windows 8/7/VISTA/2008/2003/XP

Linux Users

Run Windows emulation using VirtualBox 3 or later (VirtualBox is freeware)

Mac Users: The following are two methods in which you can run CVISION software on a Mac

Mac OS X running on an emulation (VM Fusion 2.0) of Windows
Mac running on a Windows Operating System (directly or using Bootcamp)